Angioletti craft Italian cider on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch

Angioletti Secco craft Italian cider is featured on national television in the UK!  Gabe Cook (aka The Ciderologist) presented a feature on sparkling ciders as alternatives to sparkling wine on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch show.

Angioletti was chosen by three out of the four panelists (Vogue Williams, Simon Rimmer and Tim Lovejoy) as their favourite cider!

Best quote came from Simon Rimmer: “that is nicer than Prosecco!”

Here’s a few more of our favourite quotes…
Gabe Cook – “Angioletti is from Trentino, and uses the same production method as Prosecco – the charmat method”
Vogue Williams – (of Angioletti) “That is good!”
Gabe Cook –  (of Angioletti) “It’s light, off-dry, fruity… It’s 5% ABV, makes a great, lighter alternative to sparkling wine”
Simon Rimmer –  (of Angioletti) “that is nicer than Prosecco!  I mean, you know, I’ve just put the whole of the Prosecco industry down!”
Gabe Cook – “These ciders exhude style and class”
Gabe Cook – “Wonderful, super-duper high class products”
Vogue Williams – “My favourite is the first one” (Angioletti)
Simon Rimmer – “I’m going to go with the first one (Angioletti), as it’s so light and delicious”
Tim Lovejoy – “I’m going with the first one (Angioletti) aswell”


David @ Angioletti UK

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  • Mrs Fiona Tennick

    May 1, 2018 at 5:55 pm Reply

    Just discovered this fabulous cider – in Tesco, locally. Bright, easy to drink – delicious! What a find!

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