where to find our Italian cider

We’re often asked where Angioletti craft Italian ciders are available in the UK; and whilst we sometimes stumble across our products in unexpected places (!!), here are a few options…

If you’re looking to enjoy our ciders with a nice meal in a restaurant, Angioletti Secco is available nationally in Carluccio’s restaurants (who also stock our craft beers Bionda Trentina and Biava) and Veeno Wine Cafés, and Angioletti Mela Rossa is available in Bella Italia and Jamie’s Italian restaurants; not forgetting lots of independent restaurants up and down the country!



So, craft Italian cider? Never heard of it?!

Well, you probably haven’t; cider or ‘sidro’ in Italy is quite a rare sight, and there’s one fairly unsavoury character to blame for this, and his name is Benito Mussolini…  Among a few other ill-considered decisions, he forbade the fermentation of all other fruit other than grapes so as to support the Italian wine industry.  Good news for Italian wine, bad news for Italian cider!

The Magic of Angioletti

Discovering the home of Angioletti craft Italian cider is a wonderful journey.  As you leave behind the beautiful city of Verona, with it’s famous roman amphitheatre and Romeo and Juliet balcony, and travel north, parallel to Lake Garda, as the Dolomite mountains become increasingly imposing, on the road towards Trento and Bolzano, ‘wine country’ starts turning to ‘apple country’…