The Magic of Angioletti

Discovering the home of Angioletti craft Italian cider is a wonderful journey.  As you leave behind the beautiful city of Verona, with it’s famous roman amphitheatre and Romeo and Juliet balcony, and travel north, parallel to Lake Garda, as the Dolomite mountains become increasingly imposing, on the road towards Trento and Bolzano, ‘wine country’ starts turning to ‘apple country’…

The neat lines of grapevines progressively merge in to neat lines of apple trees, but the transition is not as obvious as one might think as these orchards are so beautifully trained and pruned, it can be hard to differentiate them from the vineyards.  The landscape is dotted with famous ‘spumante’ houses producing local sparkling wine aswell as fruit sorting and storage facilities.

The mountain roads leading to the small village of Tres, where Angioletti comes from, wind through a series of quaint Italian villages, where there is often barely enough space on the road to accommodate a grower’s tractor and a passing Fiat 500!  Sometimes, on a spring day, the white blossom from the apple trees blowing in the wind is like a magical springtime snow flurry – a sight so delightful, it could be the Angioletti’s (or little angels’) own work.

The Lucia Maria Melchiori ‘sidreria’ is the home of Angioletti craft Italian cider. A family-owned business; it is a real hub nestled in the pretty village of Tres: the on-site restaurant is where the villagers eat and socialise, whilst their children play in the surrounding orchards and fields.  The solar panels on the roof of the ‘sidreria’ hint at our green credentials and our focus on sustainability and traceability.

We hope to see you soon, to share a glass of Angioletti craft Italian cider with us!


Angioletti UK

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